Fascia & Roofing Accessories

Facias, soffits, cladding, capping and more premium roofing accessories for those final touches to your roof. If you are looking for fascia & roofing accessories for your Gold Coast home or business you are in the right place.

At Gold Coast Metal Roofing we understand it’s those little finishing touches to a roofing project that make it perfect. With a range of roofing accessories from trusted Australian brands as well as our own custom manufacturing team, we have everything for a huge variety of roofing projects. We offer clean and elegant finishing that look great and also help completely seal and increase the structural integrity of your roof.

Our expert team is here for your roof installation from start to finish, with the right products and know-how to create a strong and durable metal roof that looks great from every angle. No matter the design of your home or business our team can help you find the perfect roofing accessories to truly finish your roofing project. Contact the team today and see how Gold Coat Metal Roofing can help you.

Fascia & Roofing Accessories

We Provde The Following Fascia & Roofing Accessories


The fascia of any building is a key structural component of the roof. From the Latin word meaning ‘band’, the fascia refers to the vertical panel that typically sits under the roof edge. Running between the guttering and the edge of the structure of the roof this simple element is key to protecting the interior of the roof cavity from the elements.

Not only does the facia protect your roof in case of overflowing gutters it is also a key structural element. The facia is often used for properly anchoring gutters and work alongside soffits to create proper roof ventilation. At Gold Coast Metal Roofing we understand how important the facia is for protecting the integrity of any roof. All our fascias are made from premium quality materials and our custom options ensure a perfect fit for any roof.

Whether it’s for a new roofing project, replacing old or damaged fascias or even adding them to older buildings that don’t have a fascia at all, the team here at Gold Coast Metal Roofing have a solution for you.


A strong and well-fitting roof cap is key to ensuring the integrity of the seams on your roof. Typically the last piece to be installed, the capping protects and seals the edges on the roof panels, especially along the more exposed ridgelines.

A properly designed and installed roof capping also works with your guttering as part of a comprehensive roof drainage system. Capping comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes, so this structural element can also add to the style and appeal of the roof.

The team at Gold Coast Metal Roofing offer a huge range of products to ensure you can find capping that will suit any project. Made from high-quality materials our capping solutions offer the best of both form and function.


The soffit is the horizontal roof cladding forming a ceiling between the exterior wall and the outer edge of the roof. At Gold Coast Metal Roofing we offer both ventilated and non-ventilated soffit designs in a range of finishes to suit any structure. Made from premium materials all our soffits have great street appeal and are designed to last in harsh Queensland conditions. No matter the size of your eaves we can custom make soffits to cover large and non-standard spans.

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