Gold Coast Downpipes & Guttering

Downpipes and guttering to keep water running away from your property in even the wildest weather.

With often unpredictable and heavy tropical rainstorms common across South East Queensland, it’s important to ensure your guttering is up to the job. Gold Coast Metal Roofing offers a range of guttering solutions and expert advice to help control rain and water flow in even the wildest weather.

We offer eaves gutters and box gutters with a range of rain heads, sumps and overflow outlets to move water quickly and effectively away from your property no matter the design of your roof. Contact the team at Gold Coast Metal Roofing today and we’ll help you find the perfect guttering system for new and existing properties.

Downpipes & Guttering

Our Downpipes & Guttering Services Include

Box Guttering

Box guttering is loved for its sleek and modern style while still being able to handle high volumes of water. Sometimes referred to as internal gutters, box gutters can be set into your building and concealed behind eves and in roof valleys. This style of gutter doesn’t detract from the style of homes or business facades and can be installed on a wide variety of properties.

At Gold Coast Metal Roofing, our box gutters all include sumps that are designed to prevent water pooling in the gutter and aid water flow through the guttering system. We also include overflow outlets as standard with our box gutter installation to keep the rain outside your property even the heaviest rain.

Rain Heads, Sumps & Overflow Outlets

Rain heads are essential for roofing projects using box gutters, or where rainwater needs to be moved away as quickly and efficiently as possible. The use of sumps reduces water surges into the stormwater system and allows for the consistent and fast flow of water to the downpipe. Because rain heads are positioned outside they minimise the risk of water overflowing into your roof.

Here at Gold Coast Metal Roofing, we offer a range of rain heads and sumps in many different styles and capacities. We also offer a range of additional overflow provisions for even greater protection against water overflow in extreme conditions.

Custom Downpipes & Guttering

When an off-the-shelf guttering solution doesn’t meet your needs Gold Coast Metal Roofing are here to help. Our expert team can fabricate fully custom guttering, rain heads, flashing and more in steel and aluminium. For any roofing project large or small our team can fabricate the perfect solution.

Eaves Gutters

Eaves gutters are the most common style of guttering found on homes across Queensland. The simple and durable design has stood the test of time, as an affordable rainwater control solution. Gold Coast Metal Roofing offers a variety of eaves gutters in a range of shapes and finishes so you can find the right gutter for your project.


Some styles and roofing design elements can be more prone to leaking than others and this is where flashings are most important. Roof valleys, angled roofing joins, the edging around chimneys, skylights, vents and other features or anywhere where water runoff is heavy are all key locations where flashings are used. These simple and effective products help direct water across the roofing or into gutters keeping it out of your roof cavity.

The Gold Coast Metal Roofing team are expert installers who can install a wide range of flashings to stop and help prevent future leaks. With our huge range of flashing styles and designs as well as custom fabrication, we can ensure a perfect fit every time.

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