Gold Coast Custom Metal Roofing

Custom metal roofing designed to withstand harsh weather and look great for years to come.

With our in-house fabrication team, Gold Coast Metal Roofing offers fully customised roofing solutions. From residential and commercial roofing panels to a huge range of accessories and other roofing products, we can design and fabricate exactly what you need for your project.

Specialising in steel and aluminium fabrication anything is possible with Gold Coast Metal Roofing. We use premium materials for a versatile and strong final product suitable for everything from small residential roofing to large-scale industrial projects.

With all the durability of traditional metal roofing and the elegance of a roofing solution designed for your property, custom metal roofing is the best of both worlds. Whatever your needs the team at Gold Coast Metal Roofing are here to listen and help design, fabricate and install the perfect roofing solution for your home. Talk to one of our experts today about custom metal roofing solutions.

Custom Metal Roofing

Our Commercial Roofing Services

Custom Replacements

At Gold Coast Metal Roofing we understand that every roof is unique. Over the years standards in design and construction have been established or changed, which can make replacing any part of a roof on older homes a huge challenge. Custom architecture with interesting roof lines and shapes can be eye-catching for your business but replacement elements can be an expensive hassle.

No matter the shape or design of your roof our team can custom make replacement elements that will be a perfect fit. Our workshop also makes it quick and cost-effective to replicate roofing products small and large. We can fabricate a range of custom metal roofing products in both steel and aluminium perfect for any application.

Custom Downpipes & Guttering

Guttering is an integral part of any building, key in directing the flow of water of the roof and away from the property. Whether standard gutters just can’t handle the amount of water coming off your roof or you’re looking for a more discrete solution that isn’t an eye-sore on your property our team can create the perfect solution.

With years of experience in the roofing industry, the team at Gold Coast Metal Roofing have a unique understanding of roof design and the flow of rainwater to create effective guttering systems. Our team can create custom rain heads and flashings to deal with pooling water or leaks. Whether you’re after a custom piece or a fully custom gutter system, talk to the team and at Gold Coast Metal and find the solution right for you.

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